Meet Japan's New Super Sentai Team, "Tokkyuger"

"Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger" begins airing Feb/16, 2014

Fans of the Power Rangers... ahem… Japan’s Super Sentai series (see what we did there?), got an early Christmas gift today when detailed pics and info from the new Sentai series appeared online courtesy of a leaked Bandai toy catalog. The result is an early peek at Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger via the merchandise below!



The show itself, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, is the 38th (!!!) entry in the Super Sentai series and is set to explode with fiery plumes of conflagration on Japanese airwaves on Feb/16, 2014.


Toei has really hedged their bets this time by giving the Tokkyuger team an over-the-top train theme likely to delight small children and… other people who really like trains. So far reaction from hardcore Super Sentai and tokusatsu fans to the choo-choo train lookalikes has been a lot more muted. Downright negative in fact. But feel free to weigh in with your own first impressions after considering all the fun you could be having, and how many friends you could be impressing, with the Tokkyuger toys previewed below.


Move over, Voltron! Here’s the Tokkyu-Oh wonder mech made up of five (count 'em) trains.


An elaborate ticket / transformation device gimmick, known as the TokkyuRessha is used to turn ordinary mortals into Tokkyuger


 Super heroes need super weapons, and Tokkyuger’s got ‘em in the form of the DX Renketsu Bazooka, Tekkyou Claw, to name but a few.


It figures you gotta have action figures.


Source: Jefusion and Orendsrange



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