Disney Grabs More Rights To "Indiana Jones" From Paramount In New Deal

New distro/marketing deal may lead to new film under Disney umbrella

After acquiring the ownership to the franchise after purchasing Lucasfilm, Disney and Paramount have cut a new deal that sees Disney take over both future distribution and marketing for the franchise from Paramount, while Paramount will keep the same rights to the first four films with a financial participation clause from any future installments that are produced by Disney.


Already, this new deal is being heralded as the precursor to a new film by Disney in the future, owing to previous statements made by lead actor Harrison Ford earlier this year about being open to a new Indiana Jones film. Disney CEO Bob Iger is also keen to produce a new film, though nothing more concrete has been decided concerning production staff or scripting, let alone actors chosen since Harrison Ford's comments.


Now, after The Crystal Skull, does anyone still care about Indiana Jones or has its appeal as a franchise just faded over the years?


via Variety


Image ©Disney/Paramount

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