Happy Birthday To Voice Actor Nobunaga Shimazaki!

Young voice actor with memorable name and an even more memorable personality

Voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki turned 25 on December 6th, Japan time. To celebrate, he posted a series of heartfelt tweets showing his gratitude for the many birthday wishes he received and appreciation that he is working as a voice actor. As a special birthday touch, the voice actor who is the reason why Nobunaga decided to become one, gave him a birthday wish on his own blog as well.



Nobunaga is the voice of the follwing characters:



Nanase Haruka from Free!



Sakurai Ryo from Kuroko's Basketball desu, suimasen.





Nobunaga posted that he loves working as a voice actor on his birthday on his Twitter. Hikaru Midorikawa, who previously worked with him on Photo Kano is the voice actor who inspired him to work in the profession and Midorikawa made a special post wishing Nobunaga a happy birthday on his blog, making it a great birthday gift for Nobunaga.



Happy birthday Nobunaga-san!

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