VIDEO: "Utakoi" Vol. 4 Manga Promo Video Posted Online

The new volume will be available on December 13th in Japan

Any Utakoi fans out there? Although the anime series has ended, the manga is still ongoing and the 4th volume will be released on December 13th in Japan. The author, Kei Sugita has also posted a cover of the new volume which features a new Waka poet.



Volume 4 will go back in time to the early Heian period, which will fit around the second volume of the manga, according to the author.




The cover of volume 4, above. The Waka poet featured is Ono no Takamura who wrote "わたの原 八十島かけて 漕ぎ出でぬと 人には告げよ 海人の釣舟 (Wata No Hara Yasoshima Kakete Koiidenuto Hito Niha Tsugeyo Ama No Tsuri Bune)" which means "Now my ship has set sail over the sea, will the fishing boats let that person in Kyoto know of my journey towards those countless islands (The 11th of the One Hundred Waka Poems by One Hundred Poets)" via Wikipedia.



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