Voice Actor Takuya Eguchi Debuts As A Fashion Designer

Tall voice actor will launch his own fashion brand in "Perusona"

Voice actor Takuya Eguchi has announced that he will launch his own fashion brand called Perusona at the Maison de Brilliant fashion house and become the head designer of the brand. Eguchi is known as the voice of characters like Hachiman Hikigaya from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, William Twining from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, and Shinji Koganei from Kuroko's Basketball to name a few, and as a singer in a voice actor group in Yu-taku. The item he designed will debut on December 8th in Japan.



The brand's key visual image featuring the head designer, above.



The first item Eguchi designed is worn by the designer himself in the photo above. The item is called Perusona The Hatena Pendant. Eguchi mentioned in his tweet that the reason he designed it is because he wanted a pendant with a question mark and that is the only item that he is involved with so far.




The pendant head will have an engraved mesage from the designer in front and the back.



Pre-order for the limited 100 unit X'mas edition opens at noon on December 8th in Japan. The X'mas version will include the jewelry, 3 exclusive postcards of the designer with a hand-written autograph and printed holiday message on one postcard and the whole thing will be in a x'mas version package for 13,800 yen.


Perusona's brand character image comes from his doodle that calls "Perusona-chan" that he also posted on Twitter before as you see above. There were some negative rumors spread in regards to this latest venture, claiming that he is associated with organized crime to launch the new line, but Eguch denied any relation to what was rumored in his blog recently.


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