High Quality "One Piece" Engraved Silver Ring Offered in Japan

Engraving Luffy's name and his Straw Hat Pirates' flag

Imperial Enterprise has started accepting orders for "Monkey D. Luffy Official License College Ring," the latest item from its One Piece Premium Collection. The high quality engraved ring with a natural gemstone red agate produces only 5,000. It features the engravings of Luffy's name and the flag of his Straw Hat Pirates. And you can order to engrave the characters or numbers you want (11 maximum) inside the ring. The price for the ring in 925 Sterling Silver is 29,300 yen (about US$284.93). The scheduled delivery day is in late January 2014.



Source: press release


© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji TV/Toei Animation

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