Latest Super Sonico Anime Visual

Official Nitroplus mascot stars in "SoniAni - Super Sonico the Animation"

The official site for the upcoming Super Sonico anime has been updated with a new visual of NitroPlus mascot turned anime star and her bandmates Misuzu Fuji (voiced by Mai Goto) and Fūri Watanuki (voiced by Mami Ozaki). 


Super Sonico was created by Nitroplus in 2007 to be the mascot for their yearly Nitro Super Sonico Music Festival, and since then has grown huge around the Steins;Gate and Fate/zero maker as something of a mascot. This January, she stars in her own anime with Kenichi Kawamura, a storyboard artist and episode director at Madhouse, stepping up to direct the White Fox (Steins;Gate) production. 


 Yousuke Kuroda (Excel Saga, Trigun, Tenchi Muyo) scripts the series, with animator Masafumi Tamura (Strike Witches) on character design.


Meanwhile, spokesperson Joy Max has been posting the posters and tapestries promoting the More Communication With Sonico game, distributed at various stores


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