"One Piece" Filler Plans Teased

Warning... there are some vague manga spoilers here

WARNING: there are some vague manga spoilers here. If you've been following the One Piece anime for a while, you might remember how Ace stuck around for a while in the anime's filler episodes of the Alabasta Arc. Well, it seems like the series will be doing something similar with Trafalgar Law in the filler episodes between the ending Punk Hazard and the upcoming Dressrosa Arc.


The Dressrosa Arc is still running in the manga, so, the anime will be kicking off its spoiler arc on December 22nd.  The challenge was that that in the manga, there's only one night between Punk Hazard and Dressrosa Arc, but producer Hiroyuki Sakurada hoped to tie into the main storyline and leverage the excitment of the Luffy/Law allience, especially since they ended up working seperately in the Punk Hazard.


Teasers include a look at an original character and the Kungfu dugongs, returning from Alabasta.




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