Bandai Renews Sailor Moon's Accessory Cases from the 1990s

For the adult who grew up with the original anime series

While there is still no news about the new anime series, which was announced to be started "in this winter," more and more and more new Sailor Moon goods have been offered in Japan. Bandai Premium has started accepting pre-orders for the renewal version of two popular classic goods of the mid-1990s, Crystal Star Mirror Case and Cosmic Star Compact. Crystal Star was originally released in Japan in 1993 from the second TV series Sailor Moon R and sold about 440,000 units, Cosmic Star was in 1994 from the third series Sailor Moon S and sold 290,000 units. The designs of the renewal versions are basically same with the original toys, but they are refined for more practical use for adult women. The price for both items is 4,725 yen (about US$ 45.74) and the scheduled delivery day is in March 2014.




Crystal Star Mirror Case



Cosmic Heart Mirror Case


"Sailor Moon" goods TV CM collection from the 1990s



Source: press release


© Naoko Takeuchi

© Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei Animation

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