“Date A Live” Yoshino Frilly Pink Swimsuit Figure Coming Soon

To be released in January 2014

Figure company PMOA will be releasing a figure of character Yoshino from anime series “Date A Live” dressed in a swimsuit.
Date A Live Yoshino Swimwear Figure 四糸乃

Based on a light novel series by Koshi Tachibana, the “Date A Live” TV anime was broadcast starting in April 2013, and a second season has been announced. The series tells the story of an average high school student and his interactions with extraordinarily powerful girls known as “Spirits”.


The upcoming figure is the second Yoshino figure to be released by PMOA, following their previous depiction of the character using her Spirit powers. The upcoming figure features Yoshino cutely dressed in a frilly pink swimsuit, ribbons in her hair, and she is wearing her puppet, Yoshinon, on her right hand.


The 1/7th scale figure measures approximately 210 millimeters tall. It retails for 8,400 yen (including tax), and will be released in January 2014.


Date A Live Yoshino Swimwear Figure 四糸乃

Yoshino is wearing ribbons in her hair.

Date A Live Yoshino Swimwear Figure 四糸乃

Reverse view

Date A Live Yoshino Swimwear Figure 四糸乃

Front view

Yoshino Swimwear Figure
Date A Live


IMAGES © Koshi Tachibana / Tsunako / Fujimi Shobo / Date A Live Production Committee



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