VIDEO: Cars of the Future at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Tron wants his light cycle back...

The Tokyo Motor Show may have wrapped a few weeks ago, but DigInfo has now seen fit to release their impressive footage of Toyota’s impossibly futuristic-looking “concept cars”, specifically the FV2 and the FCV. To say they are "eye-catching" would be selling these crazy looking Sci-Fi styled vehicles short. And even if you are not a total automobile freak (raises hand), you have to admit that these "hot wheels" (if you will) look pretty cool.



The video report (dat muzik) is light on describing the far-out features of the single seat FV2, and so we quote from


The FV2 is essentially a pod with a diamond-shaped wheel array (what powers said wheels has not been disclosed), and Toyota says that the technology of the vehicle allows it to gauge the driver's mood and suggest possible destinations. The interaction between driver and vehicle is also displayed in an augmented reality screen on the windshield, and the car can also act as a mood ring of sorts with exterior colors and patterns that can change based on the driver's mood.

And yes, I'm in the mood for pizza. All the time. Hopefully, this car will pick up on that and act accordingly.



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