"Conception II" RPG Births New Screens and Collector's Edition Details

Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita RPG heads to North America in Spring 2014

Atlus has a handful of goodies for those looking forward to the localization of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. In addition to screens focusing on the RPG's relationships, Atlus is showing off the collector's edition items that come with pre-orders and limited first-run copies.


First editions come in a special box that includes a 10-track CD arrangement, composed by Masato Kouda. Both the 3DS and Vita versions, due out in spring 2014, will be priced at $39.99. Here's a look at the package:



Closer shots of the box art:


And now the latest screens (from the 3DS version), including a look at the protagonist, some of the heroines, forging relationships with the ladies, and dealing with your rival, Alec. 



Atlus sums up Conception II:

Conception II puts players in the role of "God's Gift," a teenager imbued with the power of the Star God. His unprecedented levels of power allow him to fight against the monsters within the Dusk Circles, and cripple the flow of evil into the world. But the role of a hero is a complex one, and players must maintain relationships with any of the game's seven heroines to increase their relationship bonds, which in turn help them create Star Children, pint-sized warriors that pack a big punch to Dusk monsters. Players will have to choose wisely, as up to nine Star Children can fight in the labyrinth at once, where elemental damage, battlefield positioning, and team composition must be constantly evaluated.



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