VIDEO: Spanish Vocaloid MAIKA Finally Sings in Japanese

Yuzuki Yukari song "Music Score of Starry Space"

As reported, the Spanish vocaloid MAIKA has showed us her amazing linguistic competence including Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, and English. Her official site finally posted her Japanese-singing demo video "Music Score of Starry Space" produced by a Japanese creator Daisuke-P. The song was originally written/composed for a Japanese vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari by himself in June 2012 as a PR song for a documentary TV program "The Space Shore" aired on NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting station.


Daisuke-P says, "I used sometimes trill (double r) intentionally. The Japanese singer uses sometimes trill to sing powerfully. I think that her trill is beautiful." To a native Japanese speaker like me, she sounds natural enough, at least more natural than the early versions of Japanese vocaloid software. What do you think?


"Music Score of Starry Space" by MAIKA



"Music Score of Starry Space" original version by Yuzuki Yukari



MAIKA official visual


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku


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