VIDEO: Yui Horie-starring OVA "Mitsuwano" Set for March 2014 Release

Based on Kodansha's new face award winning novel

King Records has posted the first promotional video for the upcoming maiko-themed OVA Mitsuwano on its official YouTube channel. Maiko is an apprentice geisha, who works to entertain guests by traditional dancing, playing music, or having conversations with them. The OVA based on Itsuki Matsumoto's debut novel with the same name, which won Kodansha's BOX-Air new face award this year. The OVA is produced by ZEXCS (The Flowers of Evil, DIABOLIK LOVERS) and Takashi Igari, who has worked for the company's titles as an animation director, makes his directorial debut. Popular voice actress Yui Horie voices the protagonist Mai Ichinose and sings the theme song "Kono Basho de" (At this place). The Blu-ray/DVD is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 12, 2014.


The story focuses on a girl Mai Ichinose who decides to be a maiko after seeing Ichiyou, a senior maiko whom she met during her school trip in Kyoto. After graduation from junior high school, she persuades

her parents who are against her decision and goes to Kyoto to be trained as a maiko. However, she is

told that the geisha house that she plans to stay in has already decided to wind up their business. Then

Mai meets Ichiyou again by chance. Mai asks the okami (female owner ) of Ichiyou's geisha house

Kikuya to give her a lesson to be a maiko. After passing the test given by the okami, Mai finally starts

training for her dream job with two other trainees Midori Aikawa and Riko Kikuzuki. 



key visual


Mai ichinose (CV: Yui Horie)


Midori Aikawa (CV: Rina Sato)


Riko Kikuzuki (CV: Nozomi Sasaki)


Ichiyou (CV: Yumi Hara)


Shino (CV:Sayaka Ohhara)


Source: Mitsuwano anime official site


© Itsuki Matstumoto, Kodansha/Mitsuwano Production Committee

© King Record.Co.,Ltd.

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