Animator Takafumi Hori Hypes "Kill La Kill" Episode 12

Get ready to "Spit Your Sadness Away"

Animator Takafumi Hori has been tweeting special sketches before the premieres of the Kill La Kill episodes that he worked on. He posted Ira Gamagoori for episode 1, "If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle..." a Tsumugu Kinagase before episode 5, "Trigger," Nonon Jakuzure leading into episode 10, "I Want to Know More About You" and now it's a very dangerous looking Ryuko hyping 12, "Spit Your Sadness Away."






In other Kill La Kill hype, theme song singer Eir Aoi posted another shot posing with a cosplayer



And @Trigger_usa posted instructions on how to get the newsletter...


... which offers production material and commentary like...



"The hips! The curves! What more has to be said, seriously? Just the right amount of meat on her body, can't make a single complaint here, A5 rank meat for sure (laughs). And, wow I got derailed fast here... I made a promise with myself to take things a bit serious this week, but I guess that's not happening."


"Everything in one angle! Perfect! According to our settings management staff, the one of our key animator noted that her breasts should bounce more in this scene."


"Why is Sukuyo so hot? How in the world did Barazo manage to marry her? It's a mystery no one can solve... He probably waged all his luck with the devil or something."



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