Happy Birthday to Anime Voice Actress/Singer Sumire Uesaka!

Her 1st album hits stores on January 8, 2014

Popular anime voice actress/singer Sumire Uesaka celebrates her 22nd birthday on today December 19. She was born in Kanagawa Prefecture on December 19, 1991. She posts a message to the fan on her official Twitter account today, "When I became 21, I didn't expect at all that I was going to release songs, dance, perform at Animelo Summer, meet my idols, and visit Russia. But I was able to meet so many of my fellows. I really appreciate all of my fellows who always give courage to the weak-kneed and narrow-minded person like me. Please stay with me forever."


Uesaka made her debut as a professional voice actress in an online game Toy Wars in 2011. The famous anime characters played by her are Sora Takanashi in Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (2012), Sanae Dekomori in Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai! (2012), and Sumida-san in Muromi-san (2012). She is currently voicing Erbia Hanaiman in Outbreak Company and Claire Komiyama in Wanna

be the Strongest in the World. 22-year-old Uesaka is also a current student at Faculty of Foreign Studies,

Sophia University.


As a singer, she has released two singles; 1st single "Nanatsu no Umi Yori Kimi no Umi" (Muromi-san OP)

and 2nd single "Genshi, Jyoshi wa, Taiyo datta" (Genshiken 2 OP). Her 1st album "Kakumei Teki Broadway

Shugisha Doumei" is scheduled to be released in Japan on January 8, 2014. Please enjoy her PVs below.



1st single "Nanatsu no Umi Yori Kimi no Umi" PV



2nd single "Genshi, Jyoshi wa, Taiyo datta" PV


"Kakumei Teki Broadway Shugisha Doumei" PV



"Kakumei Teki Broadway Shugisha Doumei" live PV


"Kakumei Teki Broadway Shugisha Doumei" Lolita version CD jacket


Military version CD jacket


Regular edition CD jacket


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