VIDEO: "Santa Company" Shares Animation and New Incentives as Kickstarter Goal Approached

Maid Cafe NY will hold a promotional fundraiser event on December 22nd 3pm - 4pm

Earlier this month, Kenji Itoso, a unit director on Satoshi Kon's unfinished Dream Machine launched a Kickstarter campaign for Christmas anime Santa Company, hoping to raise $50,000 in crowd funding to finish 30 minute anime. Now, with twelve days to so, it's less than $3,000 from the goal and closing in there's new preview animation and incentives...



Color / Stereo / 30min / 16:9 / English subtitles / French subtitles
Scheduled for completion by Christmas 2014.
Film Official Website:

Voice Actors (Japanese version):
Noel : ???? (Coming soon!)
Bell : ???? (Coming soon!)
Mint : ???? (Coming soon!)
Thomas : Rie Kugimiya
Pedoro : Takahiro Sakurai

Theme song:
Choucho (Hyouka,Fate / kaleid liner,GIRLS und PANZER")

Executive Director / Producer / Screenplay: Kenji Itoso (Yume Miru Kikai,Yu-Gi-Oh!,Sakura Wars,Transformers Animated)
Director / Screenplay: Yumi Kamakura (Pokémon,Eureka seveN)
Screenplay: Naohiro Fukushima (009 RE:CYBORG,Eden of The East)
Original Character Design: Hidari (VOCALOID, Atelier Ayesha)
Animation Character Design: Hiroki Harada (Romeo×Juliet, Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Background Art: Takashi Aoi (Xam'd: Lost Memories, Eureka seveN)
Music: Yusuke Itagaki (AKB48, Choucho, Love Live! School idol project, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl My Ordinary Life)

About Executive Director, Kenji Itoso:
One of Hayao Miyazaki’s main apprentices.
Kotonakare Hero Gingerman (TV) : Director, Producer, Animation (op/ed)
Santa Company (movie) : Director, Producer, Planning
Yume-Miru Kikai (movie by Satoshi Kon) : Unit Director



Meanwhile, Maid Cafe NY will hold a promotional fundraiser event on December 22nd 3pm - 4pm. This will include the announcement of more voice cast, and freebies for all participents.

When : December 22nd (SUNDAY) 3pm ~ 4pm
Where: Maid Cafe NY = 150 Centre Street NY, NY 10013

3:00 Introduction of the film
3:15 What is "Kickstarter" and how does it work?
3:30 Casting Announcement! Famous voice Actors revealed!
****Rie Kugimiya as Thomas and Takahiro Sakurai as Pedro have already been announced.
3:40 Funding process through Kickstarter.
3:45 Freebie give out
3:55 Closing



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