"Kuroko's Basketball" Finally Gets A Stage At Jump-Festa

Jump-Festa promotes the title with no inhibition after the threat suspect was finally apprehended

Kuroko's Basketball is one of the most popular title in Weekly Shonen Jump, but their first stage at Jump-Festa 2013 was forced to be canceled due to the threat against the title and the original author, Tadatoshi Fujimaki. All of the related merchandise was also removed from the event. With the apprehension of the threat suspect, Jump-Festa went on with KuroBasu's first official stage at the event and the voice actors that attended tweeted about the stage with joy.



Taiga Kagami's voice actor, Yuuki Ono posted this photo of his fist with Tetsuya Kuroko's voice actor, Kensho Ono's fist, just like Kagami and Kuroko would do to get pumped for the stage.




Daiki Aomine's voice actor, Junichi Suwabe apologized to his fans that he didn't inform ahead of time that he would guest the stage since it was a surprise, but posted this photo of the hosts of the stage (Kensho and Yuuki) and the surprise guests (Junichi and Hiroshi Kamiya, the voice of Seijuro Akashi on the far left). The second ending theme of anime has been decided to be Kensho's solo debut single. Jump Super Stage featuring Kuroko's Basketball was also streamed online live at Nico Nico Douga.


Source: Naver

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