VIDEO: OLDCODEX Live DVD Preview And 3rd Album Announcement

OLDCODEX "CONTRAST SILVER" Tour gets home video release

OLDCODEX's sold out Contrast Silver Tour will get a home video release on Christmas Day this year and a new preview video has been posted for fans and whoever is interested in checking out their unique live performance combining music and art together. The band sold out of all 15 shows throughout Japan for the tour that started in February, 2013 and the DVD also comes with some behind the scenes footage. They are also planning to release their third album on April 2nd, 2014.



OLDCODEX has hits like Catalrhythm, the second ending theme from the first season of the  Kuroko's Basketball anime, Rage On, the opening theme from sexy summer swimming anime Free! and WALK, the first ending theme for the second season of the Kuroko's Basketball anime.


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