Classic Sci-Fi Anime Ships as "Kan Colle" Girls

"Gundam" and "Space Battleship Yamato" as ship daughters

The premise of the classic sci-fi anime Space Battleship Yamato, or Star Blazers, involves a last ditch effort in which humanity rebuilds World War II battleship Yamato to go into space in hopes of retrieving a devise to clean Earth of deadly radiation.



Of course, the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet has been reimagined as cute young lady for the new Kan Colle phenomenon.

2199 remake manga artist Michio Murakawa has turned the whole thing around, offering a alternative with heroine Yuki Mori as a Kan Colle ship girl.

240eukrante has done something similar with Gundam, presenting...


Mirai as the White Base


Crowley Hamon as the  Gallop land battleship

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