"Happinesscharge PreCure!" Characters Officially Revealed

10th anniversary series of the PreCure franchise

Following the title logo revealed in the end of November, the official site for the upcoming Happinesscharge PreCure! TV anime has finally posted visuals for the four main characters, like a Christmas present for the fan. The 2014 PreCure girls are Cure Lovely/Megumi Aino, Cure Princess/Hime Shirayuki, Cure Fortune, and Cure Honey. After the very successful ongoing series Dokidoki! PreCure, the 11th TV anime series is scheduled to be premiered in Japan on February 2, 2014.


The protagonist character Megumi Aino is a kind of girl who always does her best for herself and others. She can make everyone around happy by acting with her surging "Happy Power" wide open. One day she goes to a shopping street. She encounters Hime Shirayuki who stands on a pedestrian bridge and notices a Saiaaku is going on a rampage nearby. Hime transforms into Cure Princess in

spite of herself. By the increasing love power, Megumi is finally able to transform into Cure Lovely to

save Hime in a pinch!?


Cure Lovely/Megumi Aino


Cure Princess/Hime Shirayuki


Cure Fortune


Cure Honey


Ribbon, the partner fairy for Cure Lovely and Cure Princess



"Happinesscharge PreCure!" title logo


The poster visual


Source: Toei Animation's Happinesscharge PreCure! official site


© ABC, Toei Animation

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