VIDEO: 2014 TV Anime "Hitsugi no Chaika" Teaser & Character Visuals Revealed

The fantasy anime is slated for April 2014 in Japan

The official site for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Ichiro Sakaki's fantasy light novel series Hitsugi no Chaika has posted a 18-second teaser and anime visuals for the three main characters; Chaika Trabant, Toru Acura, and Akari Acura, which are designed by Nobuhiro Arai (animation director for Amagami SS+, Blast of Tempest). The first volume of the novel was released in October 2010 and so far seven volumes have been published in Japan.


The TV anime is produced by BONES (Eureka Seven, Darker than Black) and directed by Souichi Masui (Scrapped Princess, Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu). It is the second anime adaptation work based on Ichiro Sakaki's novel series for Masui after the Scrapped Princess TV anime in 2003. The Hitsugi no Chaika TV anime will be premiered in Japan in April 2014.




-Chaika Trabant



-Toru Acura



-Akari Acura

Anime key visual

Source: Akiba Souken


(c) 2014 Ichiro Sakaki, Namaniku ATK (Nitroplus)/KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobou/"Hitsugi no Chaika" Production Committee

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