VIDEO: Kz (livetune) Composes Theme Song for "Tokyo 7th Sisters" Mobile Game

New raising simulation game featuring various idol girls 

The official site for Tokyo 7th Sisters, a new mobile game for iOS and Android, has posted an OP movie featuring the theme song "Star☆Glitter" composed by Kz (livetune). He is famous for his vocaloid hit songs including "Packaged," "Finder," and the Google Chrome CM song of 2012 "Tell Your World."


The story of the game is set in a future city called "Tokyo 7th" in 2034. The gameplay follows the second director of the theater "NanaSta" in charge of training prospective pop idols and producing successful idol units (sounds familiar?). The iOS version of the game will start its service in January 2014.


"Tokyo 7th Sisters" OP



Source: BARKS


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