Photos Of "Amnesia" Musical Cast In Costume Posted

Meet the live action cast of the Otome game musical

As previously reported, the musical stage dates for the musical adaptation of otome franchise Amnesia are getting closer! The official site for the musical has now posted the images of the cast in their respective costumes. According to the site, the cast members were chosen to resemble the characters by their backgrounds and the height as well, not only by their appearance and ages. The musical is set to start on January 9th, 2014 and will have multiple endings depending on the performance date.


The top image of the official site is revealing the images of the cast one by one and it will be completed with the Ukyo photo, to be added tomorrow.


Shin: Goro Kurihara



Ikki: Ryo Hatakeyama



Kent: Ryo Kobayashi



Toma: Yuki Izawa



Ukyo: Ryoko Isogai



Orion: Ryo Yamada


Ryo Yamada posted this candid shot of the cast (minus the Ukyo actor) on his blog, but look at the perfect height difference! From Left the actors for Shin (Kurihara), Kent (Kobayashi), Orion (Yamada), Ikki (Hatakeyama) and Toma (Izawa).



The Queen seating ticket will come with this exclusive bromide on the left, recreating the official anime image on the right.



(c) IF/DF Amnesia 製作委員会

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