"K Anime" Otome Game Spinoff "Gakuen K" Announced For 2014

The story will be set in high school

Japanese subculture magazine Spoon 2Di has announced that the new issue will have an article about the new otome game based off of the K anime called Gakuen K and shocked the fans as a result. Many then wondered if this is an official project, but soon after, the official teaser site opened on December 26th in Japan confirming it's a real game. It will be a spin-off of the anime as the story is set in place at a high school.


The player will be a new transfer student at the school with all the K characters, since the unknown power blossomed in her and is no longer able to stay at her regular school. The leaders of the each clan in the anime are turned into team leaders of the school clubs.



Kuroh Yatogami, a sophmore in the White Silver club.




Mikoto Suoh, the leader of the Red club. Although he is a senior high school student, he has repeated the grade a few times (so there is no problem if he looks older than everyone else).



Reisi Munakata, a senior and the leader of the Blue club and also heads the student council. He is as old as Suoh, but it's due to him studying abroad.


Saruhiko Fushimi, a sophmore, ex-Red club member and currently in the Blue club.



Izumo Kusanagi is not a student but a college student near the school and a former Red club member. Also Suoh's classmate who graduated in a timely manner and has a bar where the Red club members hang out. Apparently, the bar only serves alcohol to teachers.




Misaki Yata, a sophmore Red club member. Always arguing with Fushimi, just the way fans like it.



Tatara Totsuka, the mood maker of the Red club is a senior at the school. Mainly taking care of Suoh.



Yashiro Isana who is the head of the White Silver club appears as a sub-character in the game, helping the player. At the current time, not much information is confirmed concerning the game itself, except for that it will be released in 2014.


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