Anime to Adapt "Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete" Visual Novel

PC eroge game released for PC in 2010

Trumple has announced that 2010 PC eroge visual novel Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete (À la recherche du futur perdu, In Search of Lost Future) is slated to be adapted into an anime.


Ryo Ohta, Kenji Saitou, and Masaki Sawa wrote the game scenario, with original art by Kurehito Misaki and Shinobu Kuroya.

Cast included Miyabi Arisugawa, Rino Kawashima, Yukari Aoyama, Tomoe Tamiyasu, and Kappie Yamaguchi.



Visual Novel Database describes the premise

Uchihama Gakuen has seen an increase in enrollment in recent years and as a result, a new school building will be constructed. The story takes place during the final school festival in the old school. All the club leaders decide to give it their all to make this the best school festival. Sou is a member of the notorious astronomy club, which basically solves the various issues in the student council's place.

On one day, he stays in the school late at evening because he got slightly injured by the judo club and is healing his wounds in the infirmary. Suddenly, the building shakes. Shocked, he runs up the stairs to where the shaking seems to have centered, and there he encounters a mysterious naked girl, whom at first appears to know him. On the next day this girl, Yui, seeks out the astronomy club, expressing her desire to join.



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