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Collaboration Cosplay Book "Characters" on Sale Soon

On sale Jan/24

Cosplayer Chamaro and fashion photographer Muga Miyahara have created a collaborative photo collection called “Characters”. It is published by Chibakita Books.


In this collection, cosplayer Chamaro, who rose to fame through her interpretation of the “Theatrical Release Evangelion – You can (not) advance” character Mari Makinami, and is now popular in Japan as well as around the world, cosplays ten different characters.


Characters(キャラクターズ) Chamaro ちゃまろ


Muga Miyahara, who is active in both the editorial and commercial fields, is in charge of the shooting. He is very much in demand with domestic as well as foreign designers, models, and clients, and his elegant and unique world is displayed in this work synthesized with the new world of fashion and otaku, and art and anime.


The collection will go on sale on January the 24th, 2014, and can be ordered in advance. It features 112 pages, and will cost 3,200 yen.


VIDEO: The making off the Miku Hatsune cosplay shoot.



Characters(キャラクターズ) Chamaro ちゃまろ

Homura Akemi from “Magical Girl Madoka☆Magika”


Characters(キャラクターズ) Chamaro ちゃまろ

Ciel Phantomhive from “Black Butler”





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