More New Year's Cards From Mangaka!

See "Blue Exorcist" author's "Walking Dead"inspired New Year's Card and more!

Blue Exorcist author Kazue Katoh was busy posting many drawings during the New Year's celebrations and I'm not complaining about it one bit! Besides the illustration of Rin and Yukio eating end-of-the-year soba noodles (a Japanese tradition) posted previously here, she also did a New Year's card with Rin, Yukio and Shiemi in Walking Dead costumes, which is the show she loves. Plus, a larger gallery of New Year's Cards by assorted mangaka.



Katoh originally put 2015 on the card by accident and re-uploaded the correct version later.



Keishu Ando, mangaka, Hentai Kamen


Hiroshi Fukuda, mangaka, Mushibugyo




Maruko Nii, mangaka, Girls Und Panzer


Piyo Rook by Otsuki Shuru, mangaka, Phi Brain: Puzzle Of Battle

Mine Yoshizaki, mangaka, Sergent Keroro



Yoko Nihonbashi, mangaka, Shojo Fight




Hiroshi Ueda, mangaka, Tiger & Bunny, showing support for Saint Seiya movie which is directed by T&B TV series director, Keiichi Sato.


Sayori Ochiai, mangaka, Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods, also wishing happy birthday to Tatsuo.



Source: togetter

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