VIDEO: Studio Khara's Anime Short "Cheese Neapolitan" Posted Online

The theme song is sung by Maaya Uchida and Sumire Uesaka

As reported last year, the 120-second 3DCG anime short Super Hyperspace Protective Wall Cheese Neapolitan is now online. The digital division of Studio khara (Rebuild of Evangelion films) produces it for one of the major Japanese communications corporations, GMO Internet. The theme song "UP TO YOU" in the video is sung by two popular voice actresses Maaya Uchida as Anzu Mikumo (the official mascot character for the cloud server service "GMO Appli Cloud"), and Sumire Uesaka as Conoha Mikumo (the character for the virtual private server service "ConoHa"). You can also check their speaking voices here.


The 15,000 DVDs were distributed for free at Comic Market 85 on December 29-31, for the first 5,000 visitors to GMO Internet's booth each day. Although I was there on the first two days, there was no chance to get it at all in the huge event with 520,000 visitors (three-day total).


"Super Hyperspace Protective Wall Cheese Neapolitan"





(c) 2013 GMO Internet, Inc.

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