"Log Horizon" Author Takes Suggestions From English-Speaking Fans

Mamare Touno looks to update ambitious fiction

Part of the premise of web serial, turned light novel series, turned anime Log Horizon is that fictional MMO Elder Tale aims to set players in a half-size recreation of the real world. To reflect that ambitious complexity, creator Mamare Touno takes fan feedback on how to capture local settings. The form for offering suggestions is available in Japanese, Korean, and now English.



From the suggestion form:

The world of “Elder Tale” has landform of which shape based on the “Half-Gaia project”. The aims of the project is to duplicate the half-size earth landform on the MMO-RPG “Elder Tale”.

The wolrd is devided into 13 areas and each areas are managed by regional operating company. These company release stories and visuals with different design concept. By the reason, all areas in the wolrd have unique monsters and dungons.
This descretion is also applied to name and appearence of 12 “Main Class”.

Regional operating company re-desinged 1-3 class from 12 “Main Class” to some special “Localized Class” to establish a local area’s uniqueness.

These re-design mainly change background and graphics and slightly change its performance by unique equipments setting in rare case

However, such performance variation are supervied by the Atharva corporation, that is the main developer of the Elder Tale, to keep a blance of combat performance with caution.

This time around, I invite Loghorizon fans all over the world to offer their opinions about setting of the “Localized Class” on any region of the world ! You can send your idea by form of simple questionnaire. Please join us on this occasion.

Please be forewarned that your posted idea can be adopted as a main story setting officially.

This occasion has two stages. First satage, questionnaire form is available by Feb.10. Second stage, put out some promissing ideas and request for comments to decide which “Localized calss” settings are adopted finally.


Enter your suggestion here.


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