VIDEO: Yukari Tamura's "Love Live *Cute'n Cute'n Heart*" Live Blu-ray/DVD 2nd Trailer

Will be released in Japan on January 15

Following the first one last Thursday, the official site for popular anime voice actress/singer Yukari Tamura today posted the second trailer for her upcoming live Blu-ray/DVD "Love Live *Cute'n Cute'n Heart*." The concert was filmed at Saitama Super Arena (full capacity: 37,000) on June 23, 2013. The two-disc set will be released in Japan on January 15 at the price of 8,400 yen (about US$80) for both Blu-ray and DVD.


The Official site also announced today that she adds two more concerts to her 2014 spring tour titled "LOVE LIVE 2014 Spring *Fruits Fruits Cherry* supported by JOYSOUND." In addition to the 10 places alraedy announced, she will perform at Nippon Budokan on March 29 and 30.


The second trailer features:

-"You & Me" (16th single/Card Gakuen 2nd OP)

-"Party wa Owaranai" (in 2nd best album "Everlasting Gift")

-"Love Sign" (in 17th single "My wish My love")

-"Traveling with a sheep" (in 9th single "Spiritual Garden")

-"Suki..Demo Revenge" (in 9th album "Harumachi Soleil")

-"*Chelsea Girl" (in 6th album "Izayoi no Tsuki, Canaria no Koi")

-"Lovely Lecture" (in 14th single "Bambino Bambina")

-"W;Wonder tale" (22nd single/Oreshura ED)

-"Super Special Smiling Shy girl" (in 16th single "You & Me")




The first trailer features:

"Fantastic future" (23rd single/The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat. OP)

"I.N.G." (included in 22nd single CD "W;Wonder tale")

"My wish My love" (17th single/Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA The MOVIE 1st ED)

"Katahou Dake no Earring" (in 22nd single CD "W;Wonder tale")

"Datte x2 UkiUki" (in 23rd single CD "Fantastic future")

"Andromeda made 1 Hour" (in 21st single CD "Hohoemi no Plumage")

"fancy baby doll" (in 5th album "Gin no Senritsu, Kioku no Mizuoto")

"Endless Story" (20th single/ OP)

"Gratitude" (in 8th album "Citron no Ame")

"Mou Chotto Fall in Love" (in 23rd single CD "Fantastic future")



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