Otaku Poem Contest Hosts Open Call For Male Models With Cat Ears

You have to be male to enter the mascot contest

The 9th Annual Otaku Senryu contest is on in Japan, and this means the open call for the contest mascot Nyako Shikibu is on as well!


The Otaku Senryu contest collects witty otaku slice-of-life moments in the form of Japanese poetry from public, and the contest is also hosting open calls for the character mascot of the contest with cat ears and a calligraphy brush for both the illustration and model category. Cat ears and a brush sound like a great addition to any cute female model, but we should always remember the other demographic. The 6th annual contest is limited to male models and crossdressing is encouraged!



Above are the 5th Nyako Shikibu contest winners for both the illustration and model categories. The winners have been females for both categories, even though there were also male entries and 6th annual contest is now focusing on them! The winning Nyako Shikibu model gets to travel to Japan Expo in Paris, France to promote at the Otaku Senryu booth with 50,000 yen in award money. In the below video, you can see the 5th model category winner, Erinyan in action introducing the top 10 Otaku Senryu winners with a mini-drama skit for each situation.



I especially like the Senryu in second place, "When asked what I do, I answer that I'm a private security officer of my home and I hunt a little."

Senryu is a form of Japanese poetry that is similar to Haiku, with the theme of the poem focused on human foibles rather than nature in Haiku. The top Senryu writer is awarded with 100,000 yen and the Otaku Senryu God status. The contest is held by Japanese VPN connection provider Interlink and has been very popular with a total of 5,356 entries for the 8th annual contest in 2013, and the winning poems are published in books and reading CDs with known voice actors. The Poetry entries are collected from the public and voting is cast online.




Let's look at some of this year's model entries found on the official Facebook page! The first is by Kevin/Leo, who has entered for the second year and was one of the finalists last year.



Yuki looks like a real girl in Japanese PE clothing.



Minatan is wearing Necomimi, the brainwave cat ears! The entries for 6th Nyako Shikibu contest will be open until January 27th and online voting will begin on February 12th for one month. Anyone can enter online, regardless of nationality or age, you just have to be biologically male to enter the model category. Interested in entering? Here is the entry page in Japanese. Please read the details.


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