Next "One Piece" Ichiban Kuji Features the History of Portgas D. Ace

Figures, towels, bags, key holders, posters, and more!

Following his young brother last month, Banpresto will start a new session of their popular lottery series Ichiban Kuji featuring One Piece's popular character Portgas D. Ace, titled "History of Ace" in the middle of this month. Same with the previous "History of Luffy" set, it focuses on the personal history of Ace including detailed character figures, towels, gloves, pouches, tote bags, posters, key holders, and mini figures. The price of the ticket is 600 yen (about US$6). The lottery will be available at a convenience store chain Family Mart, a DVD/CD rental chain Tsutaya, Jump Store, hobby shops, and amusement facilities across Japan. Which Ace good do you want to get?


Prize A: "Hiken no Ace" figure (20cm tall)

Prize B: "Tabidachi Ace" figure (19 cm tall)

Prize C: Big towel (100 cm)

Prize D: Gloves

Prize E: Multi pouches (13 cm)

Prize F: Tote bags (31 cm)

Prize G: Clear posters (B3-size)

Prize H: "Akima no Mi" key holders (9 cm)

Prize I: Collection figure (5.5 cm)

Last One Prize: "Hiken no Ace" figure special color ver.

Source: Banpresto


© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha. Fuji TV, Toei Animation

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