Orders Open For "Relakkuma Tofu" In Japan

Pouring soy sauce reveals the face!

If you're a typical businessperson in Japan coming home from a long day of hard work, getting out of the shower and putting on your favorite anime, you may want to get a cold one with fresh, cold tofu on the side. That is a pretty relaxing senario, but what if the tofu itself was cute enough to melt your heart? Introducing Rirakkuma Goyururi Kinu Tofu by Sato No Yuki Tofu Delivery.



The above picture is how it looks right out of a package. It's cute already, but wait till you pour some soy sauce on it.





Oh hello! Now you can see the Rilakkuma face on the tofu! It's too cute to eat it or so cute you just want to eat it up!




It also comes in a cute package with Rilakkuma and his friends, the online shopping site says its perfect for gifting. Sato No Yuki developed this tofu to encourage more consumption by younger demographics.






You can purchase the tofu individually for 168 yen or in a set of a dozen for 2016 yen plus shipping!



The tofu has 4 diffrent facial expressions of Rilakkuma. Unfortunately, delivery is within Japan only as this is a fresh food product.





Source: Netlab

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