Moe Mascot Girls Contribute to the Increase of JSDF Applicants

Designed by Fumikane Shimada (Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer)

As previously reported, Japan Self Defense Force's Okayama provincial cooperation office has been famous for its own three moe mascot characters designed by Humikane Shimada, the original character designer of Girls und Panzer and also a current Okayama resident. The girls are Momoe Kibi (Army), Mizuho Seto (Navy), and Airi Bizen (Air Force). They are named after Okayama's famous places and specialties.


The Okayama office recently announced that the number of the applicants for the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) and the National Defense Academy from the prefecture has increased more than 20~30% compared to last year, thanks to publicity activities using the three girls. The office printed 90,000 promotional postcards and 6,500 posters featuring the girls and has handed out them in various events including local matsuri festivals. In response to the great popularity, they are planning to produce

more character goods such as stickers and coasters. I will not be surprised if they start streaming an anime

series for the girls on the official site in near future.


(from left) Momoe Kibi, Mizuho Seto, Airi Bizen




PR movie


Source: Sponichi


© JAPAN SELF DEFFENCE FORCE Okayama Provincial Cooperation Office

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