POLL: 9 Anime/Manga Characters Japanese Women Wish Existed In Reality

These fictional males are the most sought after in Japan

Following up, Otome Sugoren has posted the results of another poll conducted  for their Japanese female users to give pointers to Japanese males who would like to be more popular among females. These 9 anime/manga characters have qualities Japanese females prize the most, which means these qualities are the ones they look for in men. Do you agree?


1. Lupin the Third from Lupin the Third

"My life will be a rollar-coaster ride with him!" (a female in her 20s)

Japanese women loves Lupin for being a jokester most of the time, but be as realiable as he can be when needed.



2. Vegeta from Dragon Ball

"He is tough all the time, but when he occasionally shows his deep caring side to his family" (a female in her teens) The occasional family love that an elite soldier reveals seems to attract Japanese females.




3. Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke - From Me To You

"I can't find anyone who has the best personality and good looks like him!" (a female in her teens)

Shota's kind smile and pure love is very desired by Japanese females, if you can pull it off.



4. Shinichi Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile

"He seems selfish, but in fact, he takes good care of people" (a female in her 20s)

Chiaki Senpai has the tough and worldly side and the soft and caring side and the combination of the two makes Japanese females go crazy.




5. Seiji Amasawa from Whisper of the Heart

"He caught me off guard when he asked for marriage despite the fact he is still a middle schooler" (a female in her 20s)Seiji's passionate affection and seriousness caught the hearts of an older female audience.




6. Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji

"He stays always by my side and catches me when I'm falling short" (a female in her 20s)

Again, Japanese females like his perfect balance of being strict and gentlemanly at the same time.




7. Roronoa Zoro from ONE PIECE

"He will protect me no matter what" (a female in 20s)

Zoro's determination to his dream, cool attitude on the surface and the occasional clumsiness are all charming for Japanese females.




8. Shinichi Kudo (Conan Edogawa) from Case Closed

"Sometimes he is too cool, but it suits him" (a female in her teens)

The rarlity of his appearance makes him even more attractive according to people voted.




 9. Snufkin from Moomin

"He is dedicated to his way of life and being an environmentalist" (a female in her 20s)

His lofty and fantasy-like character is admired by many people in Japan.


Source: http://www.sugoren.com/report/1736/

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