Family Mart Begins Offering Snow Miku Cream Puffs

Fifth Snow Miku design to be showcased at 65th Sapporo Snow Festival

The hype for 2014's Snow Miku is heating up. The blue haired virtual singer got a fifth winter make-over for February 5th's 65th Sapporo Snow Festival, and leading into the event, frequent Miku collaborator convenience store chain Family Mart has some special goodies hitting stores starting today.


The annual Hokkaido event features hundreds of snow and ice sculptures from local artists, school kids, the JSDF, and even the US Navy. And, since it's the home town of Crypton Future Media, their creation, Hatsune Miku has been a fixture of the annual occasion.

Last year, Miku's presence was marred by her statue's collapse prior to its public opening.


Cream puffs, filled with purple sweet potato and whip cream are on sale across the country at 180yen.


a “Snow Miku’s magic made me warm? Rare cheese” treat is exclusive to Hokkaido for 240yen.


And another exclusive is snow themed white stew and omelet meal, for 500yen



A "Magic Stone from the Fairy Forest" mushroom pilaf rice ball goes for 138yen


Moving towards spring, this year's Sakura Mikuman is planned for March 5th



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