Kyoto Subway Reveals 2nd Re-designed Mascot Girl "Saki Matsuga"

Athletic girl with short blond hair and brownish skin

Following the very successful Moe Uzumasa last November, Kyoto-city's public subway has revealed a new promotional poster featuring the second re-designed mascot girl, Saki Matsuga. As reported, the subway originally had three mascot girls designed by a family of a staff at Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau. Due to their poor recognition, the city decided to refine their designs for the new campaign scheduled for 2013-2014 and asked a professional illustrator who lived in Kyoto-city to do the job (though still unknown who the person is). The first re-designed character Moe Uzumasa has been well-received among the users.


17-year-old Saki Matsuga is a second grade high school student and also a childhood friend of Moe. She belongs to the track and field club in her school and uses the stairs in the stations for physical training. How do you like this new Saki compared to the old one? There is only one girl left, Misa Ono.

According to the press release, she is expected to show her new look very soon.


Saki Matsuga 2014 ver.



Saki Matsuga old ver.



Moe Uzumasa 2013 ver.



Three girls old ver. (Misa Ono in the right)



Source: ITmedia News


© Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau

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