Pachinko Company Produces Gag Moe Short Anime "Xmaiden"

Maaya Uchida, Yuko Iida, Yuiko Tatsumi, MAKO play the leads

Lambert, a Tokyo-based pachinko/video game design company, is now developing a 3D surreal gag anime series Xmaiden featuring bishoujo girls in space. The anime will be streamed on Nico Nico Douga for free shortly. It was first introduced at the 3rd LICENSING JAPAN event in July 2013 and the official site was launched last week.


The story sets in the year 20XX C.E.. The earth has been facing a hard battle against a mysterious enemy called "Fellow." But, humanity's last hope, a boarding type extermination weapon "Xmaiden" finally starts its operation. The announced voice cast are:


Maaya Uchida as Jun Akamaru (15)

Yuko Iida as Aoi Tachibana (15)

Yuiko Tatsumi as Midori Hagino (15)

MAKO as Wanderlei Zillminnko (15)

Youko Honda as Harumi Tamaki (25)

Sayuri Yahagi as Matsuri Yukino (25)

Mutsumi Tamura as Virgo (17)

Mami Noda as Croix



Source: Meikyoshisui


© Lambert co., ltd.

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