VIDEO: "Gatchaman Crowds" BD Boxset Trailer And Merchansdise Updates

DVD/BD box sets, first official fan book and GALAX Original Soundtrack album on the way!

Gatcha! Lots of releases for Gatchaman Crowds are coming soon! First up is the DVD/BD boxset, which will be released as well as the second original soundtrack album with the GALAX theme on January 22nd. Japanese anime magazine Otomedia will also publish the official fanbook on January 28th and the cover art by the character designer Kinako has been revealed. Watch the trailer for BD boxset and see the new cover art!




BD Box 19740 yen

DVD Box 15540 yen

The box illustration is exclusively done by character designer Kinako. Release date is set for January 22nd, 2014 in Japan. The audio commentary tracks in the box will not only include director Kenji Nakamura but many staff members as well, from writers to designers to the composer and cast members.



The cover of their second original soundtrack album above will be released on January 22nd in Japan for 2,500yen.

<Track list> via

1. M06
2. M07
3. M08
4. M11
5. M13
6. M16
7. M17
8. M21
9. M22
10. M25A
11. M27
12. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (modern-retro remix)
13. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (Modal Crowds Remix)
14. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (ELECTROCUTICA Remix)




The cover for the first and only official fanbook is also exclusively done by Kinako and this will include published official images, complete episode summaries, cast interviews and the official character references for 1,995 yen. The relase date is set for January 28th in Japan.






In the meantime, the anime's official site is giving away smartphone wallpapers inspired by the GALAX login page. The above wallpaper is for iOS 7 and iPhone 5 models.



This one is for Android. Click here for more resolutions and layouts.


(c) Tatsunoko Pro / Gatchaman Crowds Seisaku Iinkai

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