VIDEO: Hyadain Sings "Gundam Build Fighters" New ED "Hanpan Spirit"

The 8th single hits Japanese stores on February 12

33-year-old Japanese singer/composer Hyadain has posted a full promotional video for his 8th single "Hanpan Damashii" (Hanpan Spirit/Short Pants Spirit) on his official YouTube channel. The song is now featured as the new ED song for the Gundam Build Fighters TV anime from the 14th episode on January 14. The PV tells a story of a man who loves his hanpan (short pants) for 60 years, from his childhood (2014) to old age (2074). While the story of the PV has no relation with that of the anime, Mikako Komatsu, who plays the protagonist boy Sei Iori, appears in posters with Hyadain. The CD single will be released in Japan on February 12.



Hyadain artist photo


Source: BARKS

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