VIDEO: "Uta No Prince Sama" Ninja Song Previews Second Drama CD Release

Ninja is fantastic!

The 4 princes from Uta No Prince Sama say Ninja is fantastic! It's been a while since the Shining Theatrical Troupe launched as the spin-off drama CD series from the popular otome franchise and the first installment of the 3 plays, Masquerade Mirage was released last Christmas. Fans are patiently waiting for the second installment, Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi to be released on January 29th in Japan. The Broccoli official You Tube channel has finally posted the preview of the ninja song that is literally fantastic!




Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi is performed by Otoya Ittoki as Otoyaemon, Sho Kurusu as Syonosuke, Masato Hijirikawa as Masakage and Cecil Aijima as Cecilmaru. According to the official Prince Twitter accounts, Cecil is learning Japanese culture from doing this play.


(C) 早乙女学園

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