Voice Actor Takes a Birthday Trip To Location Inspiration for "Free!"

Tsubasa Yonaga visited Iwami town in Tottori

Right before his birthday, Tsubasa Yonaga the voice actor for Nagisa Hazuki from sexy swimming anime, Free! spent his holiday break visiting the town of Iwami in Tottori prefecture in Japan, which is the location that inspired the anime. Tsubasa posted photos from the visit on his Twitter account after his birthday.



Here is Tsubasa at Iwami station which is the model of the Iwatobi station in anime.





The shrine pictured above has the stairs that the boys sit and talk on during the series.




Another shrine is the model where Iwatobi swimming club members came to wish for the best of luck for the swimming competition.





Haruka and Makoto took a stroll on this sandy beach.



As in the style of the mood-breaker that is Nagisa, Tsubasa wrote on the sand that read "Nagisa" and "Haru cha-n".





Tsubasa posing as Nagisa at the small wooden cottage where Nagisa, Makoto and Gou discussed about Rin.




Makoto waited for Haruka at this staircase. Tsubasa was impressed to find virtually exact locations that he has seen in anime in the town of Iwami and said that he enjoyed good food and a different atomosphere in the town. He was so impressed that he even suggested having a Free! official event in Iwami on his Twitter account.

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