120,000-Yen “Attack on Titan” Levi Doll Sells Out in 90 Minutes

Second wave of preorders forthcoming

A doll based on “Attack on Titan” character Levi that retailed for 123,900 yen sold out approximately 90 minutes after its December 25th release.
Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

Levi, who appears in manga and anime series “Attack on Titan” as mankind’s strongest soldier, is known as one of the most popular characters among female fans. The 60-centimeter-tall, high-quality doll reproduces the character in exacting detail, from his Survey Corps uniform to his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment. The doll projects a different image from standard figures, possessing smooth, realistic skin and the ability to be posed in any position. It also features changeable clothes and hair for a high degree of customization, and hand-painted makeup on the doll’s face.


Details about the second wave of preorders have yet to be announced, and will be revealed via the doll’s official web site.


Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

Levi is extremely popular among female fans.

Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

The doll measures approximately 60 centimeters tall.

Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

The ball-jointed doll can be posed to reenact scenes from the anime series.

Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

The high-quality doll includes Levi’s Survey Corps uniform and Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.

Levi Ball-Jointed Doll リヴァイ兵長キャストドール

The doll can be posed in a variety of positions.

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“Attack on Titan” Levi Ball-Jointed Doll
Attack on Titan



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