POLL: Top 10 Qualities For An Ideal Butler

What makes a perfect butler, according to Japanese females?

Since there are plenty of great examples of butlers such as Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshistuji, it's no wonder many female anime fans in Japan dream about having a butler to cater to her every whim. Butler cafes have been thriving in Japan for a while now, but what makes them so good?


To celebrate the recent updates from Kuroshitsuji such as the new anime project, new comic volume, the Kuroshitsuji 10th anniversary exhibition and the premiere of the live-action movie, Goo Ranking asked 1,054 such Japanese females what qualities are necessary to make a perfect butler like Sebastian.



#1. Good posture

Photo via 鬼教官ファンサイト




#2. A gentle manner




#3. Smooth tea/Coffee serving skills

Photo via Natalie




#4. Great cooking skills





#5. Nicely low-pitched voice that is relaxing to the ears




#6. Exceptional driving skills





#7. Visually pleasing appearance




#8. Knowledge of many things




#9. Very tall stature




#10. The ability to be strict when needed


 Do you think these qualities make for a good butler? Is there any skill or quality that is missing from the list? Do you even want a butler for yourself if you could have one?

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