Japanese Cosplayer Transforms Her 54-Year-old Mom Into A Model

The daughter used all of her cosplay skills for an amazing result!

Seeing is believing! A Japanese cosplayer, Yoshiki Kuina who has been into cosplay for 4 years decided to use all of her skills learned in cosplay on her 54 year-old mother to transform her into a beautiful model to promote her upcoming photo studio that is opening in the Spring of this year. The transformed photos posted have been retweeted over 5000 times each and exciting people who see them because the mom looks very happy with the results.



The "Before" photo of Yoshiki's 54-year-old mother in the studio. Yoshiki's make over included hair & make-up, costume, photoshoot with lighting and editing.




First transformation in a wedding style. Yoshiki tweeted "this is interesting" realizing the potential of this project.



The full body shot of her mom with a wedding dress above. This is actually somewhat expected of a photo studio shoot, but what makes Yoshiki's studio different is she can provide a full cosplay style shoot, if the customer is willing as seen below.



Yoshiki tweeted with this photo that her usually shy mother became very cheerful and full of smiles as she transformed into this person and in another tweet, she said she is realizing the power of make-up and how influential self-image can be on a person.





This photo was posted with an emotional comment by the beautiful model's daughter who is responsible for this make-over: "I have never seen my mom with a lively expression like this. Doing cosplay was not always easy and I got emotionally hurt and bcame sad from time to time, but now I am glad that I kept doing it from the bottom of my heart (because I was able to do this for my mom). I always thank you, mom!!!"


In Japanese society people are expected to act their age under strong social pressure, and with hobbies that are considered "young people's past time" in Japan, I can imagine being a seasoned cosplayer can be tough sometimes.


However, the skills Yoshiki gained from her hobby will always be her biggest asset and she is one of the lucky ones who is turning this into a business that makes people happy with make-overs. Yoshiki's mom looks beautiful and happy and I hope her photo studio will encourage more Japanese women of all ages to explore their beauty with her potential.

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