VIDEO: Watch This Amazing "Attack On Titan" Cosplay Video By German Cosplayers!

German video took 4 months to make!

A new full production cosplay video of Jiyuu No Tsubasa from Attack On Titan has surfaced from Germany. The video features 7 cosplayers and is shot at a location that very closely resembles the setting in the anime and not only do you see the wide plains, brick houses and deep woods just like in the show, but there are also horses! Check out the amazing production below!




According to NetLab, the video was shot at an outdoor museum that preserves houses for historical value and living tools called Freilichtmuseum. In the description of the Eren cosplayer's YouTube page, it says the whole project took 4 months to complete from concept, production to completion. I wonder what country will be next to come up with another Attack On Titan video!


Source: NetLab

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