"Tales of Phantasia" Hits iOS For Free

Namco touts the full game for free, with a catch and optional in-app purchases

It looks like Namco is following Square-Enix's lead in releasing older and nostalgic titles, as the company has released the first Tales of Phantasia game for free on iOS devices in the US


Tales Of Phantasia iOS 1

The company is also making it a point to emphasize that the game is complete, with no in-app purchases required for the main quest or side quests. Outside of that, Namco also threw in optional in-app purchases for game items, including checkpoints that let you pick up where you left off in case your party dies, as well as the typical stat boosts. The game also features voiceovers and animation for both battles and interstitial events in the game, which also explains why its ~430MB. This is essentially the Full Voice Edition being released on US iTunes.


Tales Of Phantasia iOS 2


However, having the full game available for free does come with a catch, as it requires an active internet connection everytime you want to sit down and play, which is kind of a bummer in a way since I usually like to play RPGs to disconnect from everything. The game is available now on the iTunes App Store and the original announcement trailer is below:


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