Goldfish Flower Art From "Hozuki no Reitetsu" Posted On Twitter

Bizarre plant from the new anime is making fans creative

Have you checked out Hozuki no Reitetsu yet? Have you noticed the strange plant called Kingyosou (Goldfish Flower) that Hozuki grows as his hobby? There are now some new art pieces that are recreating the Kingyosou popping up on Japanese Twitter and one of them even reached Hiroki Yasumoto, the baritone voice of Hozuki himself.




Kingyosou (Goldfish Flower) from the show above.



@htmy_kei made one with rice flour and placed it in Japanese red bean soup as you see above. No fish was actually harmed in creating this winter dessert.




If the red bean soup version was for winter, the above is for Summer on clear jelly. Yum!



@myaa0825 knit this example, including the pot! As you can see in the lower right photo, it is also a ballpoint pen! She posted that the reason she used the pen is because the wire that she originally wanted to use could not withstand the weight of the knit fish, so she grabbed the pen that happened to be nearby. The usability is questionable, but it looks very cute!




This Kingyosou 3D latte art was tweeted to the voice actor Yasumoto by @BELCORNO, who is a latte artist at an Italian restaurant in Japan and Yasumoto replied "Ogyaa!".





@BELCORNO also did this Hozuki latte art as well. What do you guys think?

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