Koyomi Araragi and Hanekawa Join "Monogatari" Nendoroid Lineup

Previous Nendoroids include Hitagi, Mayoi, Kanbaru, Nadeko

If you’re a fan of all things Monogatari, Good Smile has good news for you: Koyomi and Hanekawa are joining their Nendoroid line. Previously, the line has included Hitagi, Mayoi, Kanbaru, and Nadeko. The only Koyomi and Hanekawa we’ve seen so far have been petits:


monogatari nendoroid


The Nendoroids so far:


monogatari nendoroid


monogatari nendoroid


monogatari nendoroid


monogatari nendoroid


monogatari nendoroids


There’s no word yet on what the figures will look like or what form Hanekawa will take. It looks like there will also be a limited premium Nisemonogatari box, similar to Senjougahara’s initial release. 


Meanwhile, still no Shinobu. 


Via Plastikitty


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